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The Drums Just Released the Video for “I Can’t Pretend” and Confirmed a Return to Australia

A NOISEY supported tour has the Brooklyn indie pop duo playing Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne in early summer.

The Drums are back. The Brooklyn indie pop duo have premiered a video for "I Can't Pretend", the second single from their third album E N C Y C L O P E D I A and announced dates for a NOISEY supported Australian tour that has them playing Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne in late November and early December.

Directed by BRTHR, the production team behind Iggy Azalea’s “Bounce” and Angel Haze’s “Werkin Girls”, the video features buzzy pop hooks, tropical fish, and the high cheekbones of Jonny Pierce and Jacob Green.

With lines like “Remember when you first touched my hand we sparkled inside at the same time” and a guitar line that is as sparkling as their varsity jackets, you can almost hear/feel the swoons from their many admirers. While it retains the well-executed surf pop of earlier releases the song also adds a more somber reflection amongst the doo-wop-pop.

Having juggled critical acclaim, lineup changes and more Smiths comparisons than any one band should have to be subject to, the Drums and their breezy summertime pop are back and back in Australia for the start of summer.

Laneway Presents and NOISEY present The Drums:
Brisbane - Saturday 29th November at the Hi-Fi
Sydney - Sunday 30th November at the Metro Theatre
Melbourne - Tuesday 2nd December at the The Corner Hotel 'E N C Y C L O P E D I A' is out now on POD through Inertia.