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This Artist Turns Rap Album Covers Into Gorgeous CD Art

It's much cooler than the burned CDs you make.

As someone with no artistic ability, I'd usually just scribble "JEREMY MEGA MIX #19" or "ULTIMATE 311 JAMS" atop whatever burned CD I was making for a friend. But the artist of this Tumblr goes far and above that: He redraws album covers on CD-Rs, turning blank circles into meticulously detailed Sharpie creations. (There are redrawn magazine covers and cassette tapes, too.) Scroll down and you'll recognize albums from Danny Brown to Miles Davis to EPMD; it's very cool, very deep, and surely an effective way of practicing one's craft. (h/t Al Horner)


Jeremy Gordon can't do any of this shit. He's on Twitter. - @jeremypgordon