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Brampton and B.C. Meet Up for Rel McCoy and Swollen Members' Moka Only's "Super Crush"

Watch the sunny 90s influenced Van City flick.

Photo by Mike Mogardo from Starving Marvel

Brampton's Rel McCoy was just another Canadian rapper until his Kickstarter garnered thousands of dollars in support of fulfilling his dreams. Now the Canadian rapper has teamed up with Moka Only of Swollen Members for "Super Crush." The Vancouver-set video features washed-out filters and double exposures that are very reminiscent of the 90s as the duo raps over a bright and smooth laid-back beat.

"Moka and I have recorded a few songs together, some at his place in Van, and a couple here at my place in Brampton," Rel McCoy explains."I was looking for beats for this new record early this year, and asked him to send me a few to check out but this beat really stood out to me. Afterwards I drove up to Vancouver, and Moka and I had our homie Mike Mogardo shoot some footage of us just hangin out and having fun… and the video was born!" Watch the video below.

Byron Yan is a writer from Toronto. Follow him on Twitter.