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IVOxAK’s Newest Single Somehow Combines Anti-Fascism with Trying to Make Panasonic Seem Gangsta

Hard to say what a Japanese corporation that fabricates middle-rate electronics did to deserve this sudden burst of street cred, but the track is surprisingly lovely.
January 7, 2016, 10:56am

That’s right ladies and pimps, hos and gentlemen, we’re right back in the wonderful world of Swedish hip-hop. Rappers Ivory and Adam Kanyama – street name: IVOxAK – drop some mad lines in their latest trap fusion single “Panasonic”. So mad they’ve apparently been straitjacketed and institutionalized in a loony bin containing scantily clad nurses and mystical Narnia-doors to woodland realms. The video is created by B.A.R.T (Iggy Azelia’s “Pu$$y” video) and the Swedish film Company Lillasyster, and supposedly depicts IVOxAK's schism between being trapped within the confines of the industry and being artistically true and liberated. Sure, why not.

If you don't speak Swedish and find yourself wondering what your grandmother's go-to electronics provider has to do with any of this, the chorus translates to "No Panasonic but we're turn'd up // 'Till dem bitches burn'd up".

But generic hip-hop boasting and community college production of Shutter Island aside, the beat is equal parts boppin' and catchy, and these two loveable thugs were actually responsible for ruffling quite a bit of feathers on the Swedish far right, when they told leading Swedish Democrat politician Björn Söder to "go fuck his mother" in their first-ever single "Baba", consequently getting them banned from the national radio channel P3 and sparking a substantial flurry in the national media.

Which I guess is kinda gangsta, in a fuck the system, anti-fascist, sensationalist sort of way. I mean, it's 2016, people. We live in a hyper-liberal age where the traditionalist prudeness we've clung to for years is crashing down around us daily - making it all the more refreshing to see young rapscallions still scandalous enough to actually get banned from a radio station. We salute your unwaivering, IDGAF-ness. Kudos, gentlemen.