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Premiere: Antonio Gram feat. Emma Sehested & Eloq – “Demons”

Former Reptile Youth member Esben Valløe explores new terrain in the first video from solo-project Antonio Gram.

The other week, we broke you the woeful news that Esben Valløe is leaving one of Copenhagen’s darling bands, Reptile Youth, to focus on his own project, Antonio Gram. In case you were understandably pissy about it, fret no more: Antonio Gram’s first single and video rule. The track “Demons” is a delightfully headbobby tune, smoothly driven by bouncy electronic beats and floating vocals from Emma Sehested. It’s the addictive kind of song sure to occupy that corner of your brain reserved for fantasizing about stuff like life not being pointless and such.

The video features Roman statues bending, breaking, melting and dancing—from stillness to movement, from rigidity to fluidity, from solo to couple. It’s a balance that’s recognizably human yet also uncomfortably robotic and alien–sort of the thematic equivalent to having a conversation with Ozzy Osbourne. Either way, this is an act to look out for in the future.