Elton John's Birthday Party Looks Like It Was All Sorts of Fun

Lady Gaga and Stevie Wonder sang "Happy Birthday," Ryan Adams sang "Rocket Man," and Elton John is a damned good-looking 70.
March 26, 2017, 6:10pm

Sir Elton John, flamboyant artist, magnificent songwriter, brilliantly provocative cultural critic, and one-time owner of a soccer club, turned 70 yesterday. He celebrated, as you might expect, in the lest understated way imaginable, inviting the biggest stars in music to chill with him and sing him songs. It appeared for all the world to be the most fun.

Here, for example, is a video of Stevie Wonder and Lady Gaga singing "Happy Birthday" to Sir Elton, a gold-plated spin on awkward birthday discos.

Gaga followed that up with an Elton John-worthy piano-led performance of "Born This Way."

And it was all capped off by charming troubador Ryan Adams singing a version of "Rocket Man" that almost rivaled William Shatner's.

Good luck getting your next birthday to match up to Sir Elton's.

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