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Gummy Bear Kingpins Haribo Plot World Domination with US Factory

“We are embarking on building one of the largest facilities in the confectionery industry.”
Photo via Flickr user Vennti Cris

Every day, roughly 100 million gummy bears roll off of the production line of Haribo Foods and into the stomachs of countless children—and adults—around the world. But that's not enough.

The Bonn-based candy company (Haribo is an acronym for HAns RIegel BOnn) wants to expand its edible ursine army by opening a factory in Kenosha County, Wisconsin, of all places. Haribo settled on Kenosha County after what it called an "elaborate" selection process.

"As we are embarking on building one of the largest facilities in the confectionery industry this location provides ideal conditions to further grow HARIBO's successful business in the USA," Wes Saber, Executive Vice President and CFO at HARIBO of America Inc. said in a press statement.

The price tag of the new gummy bear factory is in the $242 million range and will create 400 new jobs; music to the ears of pun-loving Republican Governor Scott Walker. Hopefully for Walker, this massive project won't be thwarted by President Trump's promise to impose trade tariffs on German companies and his refusal to even shake Angela Merkel's hand.

Gummy bears have been produced in Germany since 1922, when candy-maker Hans Riegel was inspired by a dancing bear at a festival. Today, gummy bears continue to inspire stoners and white nationalists, so it's fair to assume that the US-made ones should continue to be a hit with America's left and far-right, respectively.