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A Mix by Sandboards for THUMP on FBi Click

Listen to the exclusive mix from the Sydney producer duo.
Courtesy of the artist

Eden Burns and Tomas Krammer are the producer duo out of Dunedin, New Zealand, making groovy as all fuck house tracks under the name Sandboards. While the project has only been happening on the planet for about a year, they've already managed to get booked for their very first gig supporting Bicep. They're now set to release a record on his label, as well as their imminent forthcoming on Cold Tonic records.


The track is "Nothing But a Freak" and it's coming out as a white label (vinyl and digital release) shared with Krystal Klear on the A side and Sandboards on the B. Up for pre-order on Juno, rush hour and in all decent record stores now, to celebrate, the guys put together a mix for the THUMP show on FBi Click.

Listen to the mix below and then read on to see what they had to say about some stuff.

THUMP: What are you about?

Just two bruisers making music and having a good time.

Where in the world are you today?

Sandboards HQ (Tom's room), Dunedin, New Zealand.

Favourite record of all time?

This always changes, but Boo Williams, Peaking Point has been a Sandboards favourite for the past year or so from a DJ point of view

Tell us about the best time you've DJ'd/played live?

Opening for Bicep last year for sure. We haven't had a gig come close to being that good since.

What was the first record you bought?

Eden: V/A - The Dunedin Double on Flying Nun Records.

Tom: Dire Straits - Making Movies.

What was the last record you bought?

Eden: Kerri Chandler - The Mood EP

Tom: Some stinky White Label from a record store in Wellington haven't actually listened to it yet but I'm sure it rocks!

Where was the mix recorded?

Sandboards HQ (Tom's room).

What kind of feelings do you want people to conjure from your music?

At this stage we are just trying to make groovy music for groovy people. Sandboards is still young and our current tracks are tailored for the dancefloor, however we would definitely like to release some tracks in the future with more meaning to them.


What's to come from Sandboards?

We have our debut release "Nothing but a Freak" coming out on a split 12" we are sharing with Krystal Klear.

Also, we have some stuff coming out on Feel My Bicep and an EP on Cold Tonic later this year.

There is lots more in the pipeline TBA, Stay tuned!


g4 - "Who Loves You"

Hideto Omura - "Move It Like You Know"

Jonathan Kausuma - "Blob"

Split Secs - "React"

Zombies in Miami - "Calo"

Fort Romeau - "Untitled"

New Adventures in HiFi - "Good Buisness"

Justin Cudmore - "Crystal"

Posthuman - "Back to Acid"

Audiojack, Kevin Knapp - "Vibrate"

Soichi Terada & Shinichiro Yokota - "Believe in the House (Sandboards Edit)"

Dyone - "Set u Free (Bicep Edit)"

Pre-order their debut release via Juno here.

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