The Beards, Beer and Street Dancing of Santacon London


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The Beards, Beer and Street Dancing of Santacon London

What we saw on the east London route of this year's festive parade.
December 11, 2016, 10:54am

This post originally appeared on VICE UK

There's probably no easier way to rile up the tabloids in December than with Santacon. The annual festive fancy-dress street parade and pub crawl was branded a display of "XXXmas carnage" by one red-top and a bunch of people "on the naughty list" by another, as thousands of people in Santa costumes walked along four routes across London.

We sent photographer Sam Sargeant over to the east London route, working its way from Hoxton Square to Bishopsgate via Boundary Gardens, Brick Lane and that pub near Liverpool Street station called Dirty Dicks. It was a day of tinnies clutched in hands peeping out from red Santa suits, dancing in the street and a spot of limbo being played under wrapping paper. Here's what Sam – and the other onlookers taking photos on their phones while leaning out of their windows – saw.