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Dogs Make Sense of a Batshit World Once Again and Reimagine Kanye West’s “Famous” Music Video

I have never written a more millennial headline.

Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Fame can turn you into a real diva – demanding, bratty, all round unpleasant – so it's nice to see those we look up to working together to help those less fortunate. In that spirit, a number of powerhouses from the Instagram dog circuit have humbly placed aside their 24 carat gold bones in order to help a good cause, namely the RED charity, fronted by Bono, which helps AIDS sufferers and funds anti-AIDS treatment. The generous group of pooches have staged an internet breaking recreation of Kanye West's now-notorious music video for "Famous", replacing the naked bodies of Donald Trump, Caitlyn Jenner and Kanye's wife Kim Kardashian, with such Instagram giants as @tunameltsmyheart and @toastmeetsworld, each rocking a spiffy set of dog pyjamas (idk) which you can buy through the charity.


Dogs make sense of a batshit world once again, and the immortal line "I made that bitch famous" takes on a purer, more literal meaning. I feel at peace. Watch the video below.

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(Image via YouTube)