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This Is Your Personalized Easter Chocolate Death Mask

What better way to celebrate the arrival of Easter than by splurging on a custom 3-D printed chocolate egg in the shape of your face? Thanks to British food art duo Bompas & Parr, now you can.

For Valentine's Day, you had the opportunity of gifting your lover an edible anus. But you can't expect chocolate gimmicks to simply end at the asshole. After all, what about that other cocoa-drenched holiday, the one that celebrates the resurrection of an undead Jesus Christ? How will you commemorate his miraculous rise from the grave?

Why, these personalized and edible death masks might just do the trick.


They're the latest offering from British food artist duo Bompas and Parr, who made their name with Jell-O-fied renditions of St. Paul's Cathedral and Buckingham Palace. They've gone on to cook with lava, pour whiskey onto hairy male models, and send coffee beans to space.

Called "Eat My Face," Bompas and Parr's new project employs "the latest facial-scanning and 3D-printing technology" to create a mold of your comely visage, which is then used to cast an egg-shaped chocolate copy of your face.

"The exclusive service is an epic interpretation of the season that makes conventional chocolate eggs pale by comparison," the pair write on their site. "We will create a positive master mould of your face, which you can display at home, and a negative plastic mould which can be used to create further chocolate likenesses of yourself."

Considering that every chocolate egg-face is personalized, you can't expect a confection like this to come cheap. ( spoke to a rep who said that the chocolate will cost about $4,800. At least you get to keep the creepy face mold?)

If you can't swing that, edible anuses are always a good backup option. Hide them in a plastic egg for your Easter egg hunt, and watch the kids squeal with delight—or something.