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Future Forward LA Illuminates Innovation in an Old Hollywood Studio

Check out the photos from the exhilarating final party.
June 29, 2016, 8:00pm
A peek at the Prius Piano lit up from the studio entrance. All photos by Tyler Curtis

We're back from the most amazing experience sharing the Future Forward event series in LA. At the last stop on our tour, we feted the night away at NeueHouse Hollywood in what used to be the CBS Radio Building on Sunset Boulevard. The original space was erected in 1938 was described by legendary CBS executive Bill Paley as the means to distribute the "new art and science of mass communication." Fittingly, it was the perfect venue to celebrate creativity and innovation for our Future Forward series with the all-new Prius. Heralding technology, eco-heritage, and design, our innovative artists Doris Sung, VT Pro Design, and Nonotak shared their responsive installations with throngs of people in the landmark building, making it the perfect convergence of past and present. Check out photos from the exhilarating final event below:


The line to get in wrapped around the building. 

Visitors walk through Hoshi, Nonotak's infinite space installation. 

Architect Doris Sung with Drift, her thermobimetal chandelier. 

VT Design Pro's Tyler Lamptree and Michael Fullman stand in front of their installation, Reach.

The artists engage in a Q&A about their creative processes on the mezzanine overlooking their installations. 

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Nonotak's Infinite Sound and Vision Experience

Springing to Life with VT Pro Design's Kinetic Wall

The Slow-Burn Spectacle of Doris Sung's Drift