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When Art Meets Particle Physics, the Result Is Chaotic Beauty

'Supersymmetry' sparks and hums with Ryoji Ikeda's cold fusion of science and art.
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Coursing through the stretching expanse of supersymmetry’s parallel screens and monitors, visualized physics spark and hum for artist Ryoji Ikeda’s first large-scale solo exhibition in London. It's the second iteration of Ikeda’s exploration into quantum information theory and particle physics, however, a project that originated in Ikeda’s year-long residence at CERN, the world’s largest particle physics research institute.


Supersymmetry stretches and flashing through two pitch black rooms in Brewer Street Car Park. The first room of the exhibition radiates with the bright white light of inclined light boxes, in which tiny ball bearings disperse and converge in an unpredictable dance. In the second space, these sporadic movements metamorphosize into lines of blinking data, displayed on two, 65-foot-long screens, 40 monitors, and translated into a soundtrack of eerie audio. Through this "immersive, disorienting collision of mutating, sound, text, and visual data,” supersymmetry demonstrates Ikeda’s impressive ability to juggle his roles as an electronic composer, visual artist, and CERN-worthy mind. Check it out in action below:

Big data and art converge in the first installment of our Reform video series, Data Becomes Art In Immersive Visualizations:

Supersymmetry by Ryoji Ikeda is presented by The Vinyl Factory and remains in Soho’s Brewer Street Car Park until May 31. Check out more of Ryoji Ikeda’s electric work on his website.


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