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A Ghostly, Glowing Gang of 3D-Scanned Faces Make Otherworldly Music

Montreal-based artist Cinzia Campolese’s digital sculptures shine, sing... and reckon with death in the Digital Age.
Images courtesy of the artist

WHO from CinziaCampolese on Vimeo.

The digital ghosts of faces make music in Montreal-based artist Cinzia Campolese’s newest installation, Who. For the project, Campolese turns her considerable talent for light art to the subject of the human form through the sculptural imprints of 3D-scanned portraits. Generative software, developed by Francisco Rafart, extracts the musical elements from the luminescent sculptures’ tree ring-like lines, finding in the faces both melodies and discordances.


Who revels in the concept of individuality exposed through these strange songs, but it also delves into a darker line of inquiry. In the Digital Age, what remains when we are gone? From up close, Who’s wavy sculptures elude the answer — in fact, they are practically unrecognizable. At a distance, however, the face behind the concentric lines is revealed and we see an exact, digital copy of what once was a human being.

Below, images from Cinzia Campolese’s newest project, Who.


Who was first exhibited last year at the Adiacenze Gallery in Bologna, Italy. Read more about the work and explore Cinzia Campolese’s extensive oeuvre on her website.


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