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Proof the Only Way to See an Icelandic Sunset Is in 4K

Well, or in person.
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The mountains and glacial rivers of Iceland’s magical countryside are illuminated with lush colors in this stunning 4K timelapse from Evosia Studios filmmaker, Henry Jun Wah Lee. In Odyssey 4K, the central highlands of the nation generate some of the most breathtaking and high-resolution displays of nature’s beauty yet: Ultra HD and timelapse filmmaking allow Lee to capture the Iceland in a way that actually does the country justice, provided you can't make the trip yourself.


In Iceland, as explained in the video’s description, the breathtaking hues of pink, orange, and purple that most people get to experience for a few minutes during a normal sunrise/sunset, “can explode for hours in an epic display of nature's masterful artistry.” In the past, Lee has traveled to Iceland to capture its particular swath of aurora borealis. Odyssey 4K, too, sets its eyes on the sky, focusing on the elasticity and malleability of clouds, the abstract shapes they take on, and the manners in which they float across the green landscape.

Lee shot the peaks, waterfalls, and sweeping valleys within a two-week period in June through early July, rooting out the best locations to experience the Icelandic climate. The result is nearly four minutes of beauty, stretching from the “Snaefellsnes peninsula in the west and various mountains and coastal areas in the north, to the fjords in the east and the Vatnajökull glacier region in the south.”

As Lee sums it up, “In the end, the odyssey is about the journey and its experiences rather than about the destination.” Check out moments from the film, and Odyssey 4K in full, below:

Odyssey 4K from Henry Jun Wah Lee / Evosia on Vimeo.

Check out more of Lee’s timelapse workshops here, and here for more from Evosia Studios.


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