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Fractal Flowers Are In Full-Bloom At Miguel Chevalier's First Solo Exhibition

The French digital artist travels to The Space in Hong Kong to present "Digital Paradise," his first solo exhibition.
October 7, 2014, 6:30pm

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Presented by Puerta Roja Gallery at The Space, digital artist Miguel Chevalier brings his hyper-complex fractal blooms to Hong Kong for his first solo exhibition. The show, known as Digital Paradise, features many of the floral, alien forms from his hypnotizing Fractal Flowers series (check out our coverage of Fractal Flowers here) and includes a virtual wall of seeds that bloom in accordance to viewers' distance.


The solo show is the culmination of a big year for Chevalier, in which we saw Fractal Flowers at the Museum of Modern Art of Ceret, a “magic carpet” of light at the Sacré Coeur church and the Castel del Monte, and a generative sculpture of Samsung curved TVs.

Check out some images from Digital Paradise below:

Chronographies 1

Silene Luminaris sive Muflier de Borges, 2014

Fractal Flowers, 2009

Digital Paradise is on display at The Space from October 9th to October 18th.


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