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Emojis Invade The Real World In "Emoji Daydream"

Artist and designer Able Parris subtly inserts emoji icons into everyday scenes of New York life.
July 9, 2014, 1:30pm

If it's not enough that emoji icons are on your phone, on your Skype, on your Facebook (and even have their own social network starting), they've now invaded the real world. In a series of fun images called Emoji Daydream, New York-based artistAble Parrisinsertsthese all-pervasiveideograms into photos he's taken, making everyday a little more, well, emotive.

So we get a cyclist riding atop the clouds or a giant emoji man chasing airplanes. Some are subtle, like an eyeball on a shadow or insects buzzing around a flower, while others verge towards the surreal—like a monkey driving a jeep.


Parris says he uses the app Phonto to add the emojis to his photos and VSCO for color, contrast, etc. You can check out a few of them below, but follow him on Instagram for regular updates. If only he could also get IRL likes, right?

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