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The Fluorescently Twisted World of Mike Perry

The creative jack-of-all-trades has a new painting exhibit.
Light as a Liquid (I Dream of Picasso), Mike Perry, 2016 

Mike Perry’s new batch of paintings are loud. Looking at one of them feels like someone is screaming right in front of your face; they cannot and will not be ignored. The New York-based painter and illustrator’s most recent exhibition, Intoxicating Pollen Wiggling in a Moist Journey of Constantly Blooming Tides, just opened late last week at the Garis & Hahn Gallery in New York. This new collection of anamorphic compositions work with a brazenly unnatural color palate. His images are captured through a particularly flat, almost childish two dimensionality that makes the paint look like it's almost melting off the canvas. The show is stacked with new works on canvas that range from abstract still lifes to simple and playful experiments with color and line.


Learning To Draw A Horse, Mike Perry, 2015

Garis & Hahn describe the collection as representative of a significant evolution in the artist’s practice. Well known for his splashy psychedelic opening titles for Comedy Central’s Broad City, Perry has been a major success story in the industry, publishing a number of books, curating high valued public art pieces, and even hosting nude drawing marathons in his vibrant Brooklyn studio.

Fireworks In A Tunnel, Mike Perry 2016

The paintings in this new show produce a curious lens, like you’re looking at an image underwater from above the surface: they’re sinuous in form and ostentatious in their expression. Perry’s sprightly painting style and use of radiant, almost neon paint, forms a rambunctious lusty image, forcing the viewer’s undivided attention. The Garis & Hahn Gallery says Perry’s work, “explores how light becomes liquid, and renders such unseen forces as gravitational waves, blurring boundaries of bodies and creating hypnotic whirlpools in the midst of his portraits.” The gallery claims these large scale paintings embody all of Perry’s signature elements through a “series of kaleidoscopic abstractions and ebullient distillations of the pop and surrealist canon.” Perry’s muddied renditions subtly hint at characters of inspiration: his more agrarian scenes might call to mind the overgrown forest landscapes of French post impressionist Henri Rousseau, his unique studies of the human body may recall Matisse’s Dance and Blue Nude  cut-outs.


Bunkbed Pillars, Mike Perry, 2016

The gallery writes, “A still life of a banana attached to a biomorphic form is a dreamlike, ecstatic vision evoking the work of Heinz Edelmann and the advertising vernacular of Milton Glaser.”

Moring, Mike Perry, 2015

Foreground Middle Background, Mike Perry, 2016

Intoxicating Pollen Wiggling in a Moist Journey of Constantly Blooming Tides is on at the Garis & Hahn gallery from April 22nd - May 29th. Head over to their website for more information, here. And you can learn more about the world of Mike Perry on his studio website, here.


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