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What Do Berlin's Colors Tell Us About the City?

Drool over German outdoor design and typography in Julien Patry's 'BERLIN (CLASSIFIED).'
June 1, 2016, 6:15pm
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You're bored of the timelapse and hyperlapses can be tiring, but a comprehensive and mesmerizing new video might have the next step in -lapse evolution: the design-lapse. Filmmaker Julien Patry exhaustively documents and classifies the colors, shapes, letters, and other design elements that give the city of Berlin its skin. Wondrously edited and composed, BERLIN (CLASSIFIED) cuts and collages everything from stickers to signs, benches to bikes, buzzers to dumpsters, and everywhere in between to create a barrage of images that conveys atmosphere more than information. The film seems to say, "Read all the articles about clubs and restaurants that you like, this is the real Berlin."


BERLIN (CLASSIFIED) ends in an explosion of rainbows that takes seconds to watch, but the laborious hours it must have taken to shoot and cut are palpable. It's worth watching several times, especially if Berlin is on your "places to travel" list. Examine that rainbow in-depth in the following pictures, then watch the whole film below.

See more of Julien Patry's work on his website.


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