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A Team Of Artists Are 3D-Printing Their Emotions As Abstract House Decorations

Estudio Guto Requena are physically manifesting the brainwaves that represent strong human emotion as fruit bowls, lampshades, and vases.

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A team of artists at the Brazilian Estudio Guto Requena are using 3D printing to physically manifest the brainwaves that represent human emotion. Spearheaded by architect and studio founder Guto Requena, The Love Project uses portable scanners to measure said brainwaves—as well as heartbeats and voice fluctuations—while a subject speaks about a person that he or she cares deeply, and subsequently turns that data into house decorations.


As demostrated in the video above, software developed by the D3 studio interprets each set of data as a layer in a 3D object, which can then be printed in the form of a fruit bowl, a lampshade, or another abstract shape. Every bump, wave, and ridge on the structure represents a moment of sharp emotion—even if you can't tell which bump means which feeling, the opportunity to physically handle an abstract concept is fascinating (Plato must be rolling over in his grave).

Regarding the goals of The Love Project, Estudio Gut Requeno writes, "The project suggests a future in which unique products will bear personal histories in ways that encourage long life cycles, thus inherently combining deeply meaningful works with sustainable design."

Widespread use of these objects is a possibility, too, as Estudio Guto Requena is planning two more stages for The Love Project.  The first is an in-development smartphone app, designed to allow users to create their own brainwave art and print themselves. The second is a series of lessons that will teach tomorrow's 3D printing artists about how to use the burgeoning technology. Talk about spreading the 3D printed love.

Check out more of Estudio Guto Requeno's foreward-thinking projects on their website.

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