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Now Trending on Twitter: #HipHopCartoons

Featuring the likes of 'Meek Millhouse' and 'Beavis & Busta.'
September 30, 2015, 6:25pm
S.W.A (Simpsons with Attitude)' image created by Twitter user @Diane_7A


The internet is a mysterious place where cats talk and toddlers smell like beef. The latest trend? #HipHopCartoons. It comes care of Comedy Central game show @midnight, where celebrity contestants compete in rounds of internet-inspired improv games. The latest episode features a round where the guests had to come up with hip-hop-inspired takes on classic cartoons, and, sure enough, it’s caught a bit of wildfire on Twitter. Twitters users have jumped on the hashtag. Is it kind of dumb? Yeah, but it's the internet. Check out some of the best below:


Sugar King of the Hill Gang #HipHopCartoons @midnight

— Steven R. Walker (@Steve_R_Walker) September 30, 2015

Boyz II He-Men #HipHopCartoons @midnight

— Brett Osinoff (@BrettOsinoff) September 30, 2015

Meek Millhouse #HipHopCartoons

— BROOKLYN ZOO (@BROOKLYNZOOUK) September 30, 2015

Beavis & Busta #HipHopCartoons @midnight

— Josh A. Cagan (@joshacagan) September 30, 2015

Straight Outta Sesame Street. #HipHopCartoons

— ✟ƘᎥᗩυ₦ᎠЯᗩ✟ (@OMGkee) September 30, 2015

Bart Pimpson #HIPHOPCARTOONS @midnight

— Sheepy Shoulders (@josh_ill_us) September 30, 2015

Meek Millhouse #HipHopCartoons

— BROOKLYN ZOO (@BROOKLYNZOOUK) September 30, 2015

Meddling Kids, Maad City #HipHopCartoons @midnight

— ¶ Stori Brooks (@7thStori) September 30, 2015

Peanizzles @midnight #HipHopCartoons

— Diane N. Sevenay (@Diane_7A) September 30, 2015


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