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Winter Wear in Miami?

Behind-the-scenes at the Wynwood Walls with Max Vadukul shooting Alexa Chung for Longchamp.
Behind the scenes photos courtesy of Longchamp

Max Vadukul is a portrait photographer known for capturing the candid faces of some of our favorite celebrities, from Amy Winehouse to Clint Eastwood. He’s previously worked as the staff photographer for The New Yorker following Richard Avedon, and is known for his minimal black-and-white style, resulting in a palpable candor.

For this year’s winter fashion campaign, Vadukul teamed up with Longchamp to shoot Alexa Chung in Miami, Florida. Vadukul strayed away from his usual tones for a more vivid series of photos, shot against the city’s most color-drenched street art. The decision to shoot street art in Miami's Wynwood Walls zone for a winter fashion campaign is certainly unconventional, so The Creator’s Project spoke to the artist about his process.


“[Longchamp] wanted something different than the usual run of winter campaigns, and that particular area of Miami has something unusual,” says Vadukul, “That is a particular district where the artists are constantly changing the landscape of the street. For example, when I had first gone and done the scouting for the wall in Miami, when we had gotten back that wall was gone. It’s a very fast-moving landscape.”

Vadukul opts to use minimal editing for his photography. “I think that there is in the landscape of editorial and advertising photography, this age of heavy digital work,” he explains, “There is an extreme use of polish right now in the sense that the images are quite seriously unbelievable…I think that the attraction to go with the photography that I execute is the strong sense of realism.”

Check out some of the official images below:

To see more of Max Vadukul’s diverse work, look through his website here.


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