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[Photos] The Selfie Monument At The Olympics Up Close And Personal

Look at some magnified pics of one of the more interesting attractions at Sochi

Last week, we talked to Asif Khan, the architect behind the Olympic Games MegaFon Pavilion--an installation that turns photographs of visitors into a massive, three-dimensional facade that moves on a building right in the center of the Sochi Games.

"This is going to be something we have literally never seen before," Khan told The Creators Project. "It's about the avatar--physicalizing the person."

The architect's fusion of portraiture and monumentalism could possibly be a game-changer within the design world: imagine rippling, shafe-shifting buildings that could project and extend into any shape imaginable. Statues and even billboards might never be the same.


Khan and his team sent us footage of the MegaFon Pavilion in action. If you have a friend or family member visiting Russia for the Games then keep an eye out: you might see an 8-meter-tall version of their face protruding from one of the biggest attractions at this year's Olympics.

For more on Asif Khan, read our interview with the creator here.

All photos courtesy of Asif Khan

Project Credits:

Concept, Design & Architecture: Asif Khan

Interactive Engineer: iart

Structural Engineer: AKTII

Services Engineer: Atelier 10

QS / Project Management: Davis Langdon