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These Light Paintings Depict Fantastical Angels

Jason D. Page makes spirits and apparitions with extended exposures.
All images courtesy of the artist

Angelic beings of light descend to Earth in photographer Jason D. Page’s photography series, Apparition. In pursuit of the “true spirit of light painting," Page spent two years traveling through the State and National Parks of the East Coast of the United States with his Canon 50D and 60D cameras. His photographic pilgrimage culminates in this ethereal series of real-time creations painted against the backdrop of desolate landscapes, from Georgia’s Jekyll Island to Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina.


To shoot Apparition, the photographer first built each of his angels by scrupulously taping and splicing together colorful segments of electroluminescent wire. He then artificially enhanced each scene’s light with a brush and color filter set, composing an otherworldly aura to surround his spiritual subjects. Finally, Page captured the angels’ graceful movements in single frames with extended exposure times, ranging from 102 seconds to over 9 minutes.

“I believe light as a medium should be free, it should not constricted or confined,” he writes on his site. With that in mind, he dove in, “merely guiding the light into the forms, allowing for the free flow of the Apparition and embracing the unintentional light streaks that happen within all of my light paintings.”

See more of Jason D. Page's luminous creatures and magical landscapes on his website.


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