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Obama's Presidential Library Might Be a Floating 6-Lane Race Track

The other winning option is a giant, spherical peace sign.

For their 14th annual Chicago Prize Competition, the Chicago Architectural Club (CAC) issued a call last year for designs for the Barack Obama Presidential Library. Earlier this month, CAC announced the competition's two winners: a floating track made up of concentric circles, and an eight-floor sphere modeled after the peace sign.

Zhu Wenyi, Fu Junsheng, and Liang Yiang’s winning library proposal is an elevated ring of circular paths upon which visitors could make (or race) their way through six parallel tracks that encompass the president’s life, including sections for his presidency, his public image, his family and personal life, and more. Additionally, the designers decribe an ornamental roof, a “fifth elevation” to cap the hyper-futuristic architecture. Aras Burak Sen, the design team behind the peace-shaped sphere, took a more vertical approach, dividing their construction into eight levels that correspond with the eight years of Obama’s presidency. On its lower level, an open amphitheater would provide a venue for public forums.


Of the other submissions to CAC’s competition, Ann Lui and Craig Reschke’s honorable mention, Obama’s Drone Aviary: A Logistics Library In The Aerial Age, is of note. Unfortunately, according to the competition’s panel of judges, President Obama will not be receiving his presidential library in the form of airborne archives.

Explore the winning designs as well as Ann Lui and Craig Reschke's honorable mention in the images below:

Zhu Wenyi, Fu Junsheng, and Liang Yiang's winning submission. Images Courtesy of Chicago Architectural ClubImages Courtesy of The Chicago Architectural Club.

Aras Burak Sen's submission

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