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This Street Art Lives on Rotating Cement Trucks

Painter Andrea Bergart transforms monstrous cement trucks into moving murals.
Images courtesy the artist

If you ever see a cement truck with a picture of Donald Duck smoking a doobie painted on the side, there's a good chance it was done by Andrea Bergart. Using a fleet of concrete mixers from a contracting company in Brooklyn, the Queens-based artist has created a series of murals. The rotating cylinders of these monstrous vehicles have been covered in vibrant colored patterns and designs that are lighting up the streets of New York. Inspired by dazzle camouflage WWI battleships, and graffiti artists in the 80s who painted subway cars, Bergart set out to create a new artistic image that could travel through the city.


Bergart’s moving public art installation, Cement Trucks, opens up a dialogue with the people on the streets of New York. “When I am on the train looking around I can usually find someone who is expressing themselves in an interesting and unexpected way," Bergart tells The Creators Project. "These people inspire me. I love how people put patterns together and curate their accessories and create a personal voice through their fashion. When I design my cement truck paintings these are some of the things I think about.” Thus the cement trucks are a platform for the painter to express her creativity, showcase it, and inspire others.

Not only are the trucks moving—the mixers themselves are rotating, Bergart playing with the dynamism of her canvas when creating her murals. “I was interested in figuring out how to make an image that exploits the rotation of the barrel and have an element of animation present in each composition.” Since speaking to the owners of United Transit Mix Inc. back in 2012 Bergart and her team have painted five trucks.

Check out some of our favorite shots:

See more of Andrea Bergart's work on her website.


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