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The Brooklyn Mirage Pop-Up Venue Was Shut Down by the FDNY

The fate of the venue remains uncertain.

The outdoor and indoor venue East Williamsburg venue, the Brooklyn Mirage, was shut down Thursday night by the New York Fire Department after it was deemed it to be a fire hazard. The venue has now been ordered to remain shut and its future remains uncertain.

According to the Brooklyn Paper, who paraphrased a department spokesman, city officials shut the Mirage around midnight on Thursday after "finding it was full of 'combustible material' and other fire hazards, and didn't have enough staff on hand to ensure the place was safe from going up in flames." To add to Mirage's woe, a Department of Buildings spokeswoman told the Brooklyn Paper that "the agency is now revoking the Mirage's temporary place of assembly permit," which had been valid until June 19.

Writing on its Facebook wall, the promotors of the Mirage commented: "Late this afternoon, the Department of Buildings ordered that the site be vacated," wrote the Mirage on its Facebook. "This was done at 5:00pm thus precluding us from obtaining an official explanation since their offices had closed. Prior to this order, we had passed several DOB and FDNY safety inspections, so it is a bit of a surprise. Thankfully, upon such late notice, we had no events scheduled for the weekend, and we look forward to learning how we may resolve new but unknown concerns on Tuesday morning."

It's not the first time that the Mirage's organizer Cityfox has had trouble with the law. The Brooklyn Paper reported that "police busted the outfit selling booze without a liquor license at the Mirage on Saturday night, and the Fire Department also shut the company's Halloween party at a toxic Greenpoint warehouse last year after deciding it, too, was a fire hazard."

Read the Brooklyn Mirage's full comment below.