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Some DJ Prank Called Ableton's Tech Support In the Middle of His "Live Set"

Even producers like Machinedrum have shared the "track."
DJ Skull Vomit

Someone at Ableton's tech support line deserves a raise and a hug. Just two days ago, Skull Vomit, an Antwerp-based DJ named Tony Welter who is also part of electro-grind duo Eustachian, decided to dial up the Ableton support line while pretending to have technical difficulties in the middle of a set. While we know little about Skull Vomit himself, his SoundCloud page is populated with mostly with grindcore productions as well as an entire playlist devoted to bizarre prank calls.

The Ableton employee, who remained remarkably calm throughout, attempted to help Welter, whose main claim was that his launchpad program's loops were randomly firing off, messing up his fake set. While the confusing back and forth continued to fabricated background noise from a fake club, the Ableton employee gave the DJ tips like unplugging his launchpad, and force quitting his program. While we can't help but feel a bit bad for the the devoted tech support dude, who was just trying to do his job, it's a decent laugh, and even producers like Machinedrum have shared the "track." Check it out below.