Last Japan's Picked His Top 10 Tracks to Ascend To


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Last Japan's Picked His Top 10 Tracks to Ascend To

Ahead of the release of the grime producer's absolutely next level single with AJ Tracey, we asked him which tracks get him lifted.

Grime dons Coyote are on a bit of a roll at the moment. Tomas Fraser's imprint has played home to the likes of Mella Dee, T_A_M, and Letta over the last few years, and if you're clued into the UK's burgeoning club/grime scene, you'll know that they're a bit of a big deal. The label's secret weapon is Last Japan, a producer with the ability to craft the kind of cinematically-minded, warped, weird, and waterlogged instrumental grime that genuinely sounds like the music of a corrupted near-future.


He's recently hooked up with west London rapper AJ Tracey for "Ascend" a track that some, including us, reckon is one of the best things to have dropped in 2016 thus far. It's not out till May but every DJ worth their salt's been rinsing it ever since the lads over at Boiler Room premiered it last month.

Because thinking literally can be quite fun sometimes, we decided to ask Last Japan to present us with the perfect soundtrack to ascension. Taking in everything from Zomby's skunked-out underwater grime abstractions to Hans Zimmer's twinkling OST transcendence, via Derek Wise's Promethazine thick charred-trap and a forthcoming funereal cut from Last Japan himself, this is as good as it gets. Even if it sort of sounds like the scariest night of your life.

1. Banshee - High Let Me Fly

Last Japan: I remember first hearing Actress play this tune at a Deviation night and it was one of the highlights from his set, fully had the whole crowd ascending.

2. Derek Wise - Running It

COLD tune! Just press play and #Ascend.

3. Zomby - Alothea

Well, Zomby..

4. Hans Zimmer - Now We Are Free

Gladiator is an amazing film, with an even better soundtrack. The main character in the film is even literally ascending to this track in the final scene!

5. Forever - Playfights

This tune is the winner, out to Forever on this one. Check more of his productions on the label collective he's a part of, Grade 10.

6. Prayer - Hesitate

Another member of the Grade10 family, Prayer's production on this track is amazing. Close your eyes and let it take you to another universe.


7. Sami Baha - Halcyon and On

I actually had another track in mind for Sami which was "Titan Maze," but couldn't find a link for it (try and check it if you can find a link). "Halcyon On & On" is one of the first I got from Sami though and I started my May 2014 mix with it. He's absolutely smashing it at the moment with a debut release on Planet Mu Records to come.

8. Plata - What Do I Do?

Probably one of the harder hitting tracks in my selection, but Plata has a way with unearthly, haunting melodies over extremely weighty subs. I could have picked about 10 more Plata tracks for this.

9. Hans Zimmer - S.T.A.Y.

Another Hans Zimmer creation. I take a lot of inspiration from his work and this piece really brings together some of the themes I have tried to incorporate in my music: space, tension, suspense…

10. Last Japan - Teflon

Made for others to Ascend to, I plan to release "Teflon" this year on 7".

Ascend drops on 12" and digitally at some point in May. You'll know when its out because it'll be blaring from every car and flat in London.

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