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Internet Daughter Gives Noahplause’s “Runnin’” A Dose of Chaos

Another member of Toronto's Bedroomer collective shows us how to release our inner badass.

Toronto homegirl, Internet Daughter, is one part Canadian electronic music marvel and one part hair-envy. Her new remix "Runnin'" sounds like your kid sibling before they down a 30mg dose of Adderall in the morning — wildly unpredictable, inexplicably erratic, but in most ways, full of life.

"Runnin'" is a remix of Noahplause's jolting track. Both the original and the remix reflect the mosaic of playful sounds that characterizes Bedroomer — a collective of producers currently invading the electronic music scene in Toronto. Noahplause and Internet Daughter are two integral pieces of the Canadian initiative.


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Internet Daughter's chaotic remix is equally suitable for both the light beer-branded clubs and the dark, underground spaces you seek after the 2 AM mark. In July, the original version weaseled its way into North American homes as the soundtrack to a Space Jam inspired dance routine on So You Think You Can Dance. Big things for the Bedroomer crew.

With defiant lyrics to match the headstrong tempo, "Runnin'" reassures listeners that there's nothing wrong with unleashing their inner badass every once in a while.

Internet Daughter is even generous enough to offer the remix up for a free download. Find it here.

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