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Calculus’ Robot-Friendly “Vaporizer” EP is Delightfully Urgent Minimalist Techno

“With a head full of science fiction b-movies, I got lost in the studio.”

Disclaimer: there is no relation between Calculus' Vaporizer EP and the Snoop Dogg-endorsed smoking apparatus. Rather, the Vaporizer that the Dublin-based DJ had in mind was probably more along the lines of a ray-gun wielded by some slimy extraterrestrial. "With a head full of science fiction b-movies, I got lost in the studio," he shares. "I returned with the Vaporizer EP."

A two-song collection of traditionally minimalistic techno tweaked with emphatic bursts of robot-friendly chords, Calculus' musical vision strongly aligns with his taste in film. Featuring intrusive church-style organs that boldly juxtapose iconic techno melodies, the project's two tracks, "Vaporizer," and "Sacred Gudgeon" both exhibit the same delightful urgency as a Ridley Scott classic.

With over twenty years of experience recording for a handful of top-notch labelsm, likeOctopus Recordings, Soma, and now his own Anemone, Vaporizer is indicative of the Irish producer's veteran status. The fifteen minute sci-fi narrative is an adventurous listening experience that will remain a staple in your iTunes collection, regardless of whether you're a techie, or a trekkie.

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