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THUMP Canada Presents "My City"

Tastemakers in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, and Halifax tell us about their year.

All this week on THUMP Canada we've been running short essays from various tastemakers—club owners, DJs, festival organizers, writers, etc.—looking at what they feel defined their respective regional scenes in 2015.

What have we learned about the state of electronic and dance music across the country? For starters, it's healthier and stronger than ever, no matter where in Canada you call home. Whether you want to attend a drum and bass festival in Vancouver or a house party in Montreal, there's something for fans of every genre. All of these cities have faced challenges, from Calgary's economic hardships to Toronto's rapid gentrification, but they've persevered and will continue to grow and shift in 2016.


In case you've missed any of the essays, we've compiled them all below for your reading pleasure.

1. High Klassified Explains How He Made Montreal One of the Best Places to Party

Fool's Gold Records producer High Klassified tells us about the changing face of Montreal's nightlife and how he throws the best house parties.

2. How Sunday Afternoon Social Became One of Toronto's Most Unique Parties

Music journalist Benjamin Boles looks at how Box Of Kittens and Justin Martins' events became the hottest ticket in town.

3. Skratch Bastid on Why Gwen West is the Best Halifax DJ You've Never Heard Of

Globetrotting DJ Skratch Bastid shares the story of how he found his favourite off-the-grid Nova Scotia selector.

4. Smalltown DJs on the Resilience of Calgary's Dance Scene

Co-owner of The HiFi Club and one half of the duo Smalltown DJs, Pete Emes, discusses how the city's arts community has thrived despite an economic downturn.

5. Vancouver Says Goodbye to "No Fun City" Nickname in 2015

DJ and producer The Librarian runs down the artists, labels, and festivals that she couldn't get enough of this year.