This story is over 5 years old.

The Video For "Hey QT" is the Dystopian Energy Drink Commercial We've All Been Waiting For

The future of music now comes in bottled form.

Fresh from their SXSW triumph, the unstoppable PC Music sugar rush is rolling on, this time in the shape of a music video for their glucose-sodden love song "Hey QT". Much like any PC Music content, what's initially seen, and heard, as tacky as it very well might be, ends up somehow becoming something we can't stop engaging with.

The release of the video is also an excellent opportunity to revisit Diplo's remix of the track, which you can still download completely free of charge via Wetransfer. This use of wetransfer, the bizarre meta-world of the QT drink and, let's face it, basically everything else PC Music do, showcase their unceasing ability to explore the imagination when it comes to the construction of their aesthetic - and their marketing. For as long as the music they release continues to work as well as it does, they look set not only to develop into an in-house powerhouse, but to become Gen Y's brand of choice. Drink up!

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