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Dosem's Guide to Girona

Ahead of his shows at next week's ADE, the Catalan producer and DJ gave us the lowdown on his home city.

Every so often, we like to ask a DJ or producer to whisk us through their home city. We're lazy so any tips we can pass off as our own if ever ever happen to be in said city are always useful. This time around, Spanish producer and DJ Dosem has given us a (virtual) guided tour round his home city of Girona. Nestled just north of Barcelona, the Catalan city is known for it's gorgeous old town and stunning cathedral. Sorry, we slipped into LonelyPlanet mode there, not quite sure what happened. Anyway, here's Dosem's guide to Girona.


Where's the best place in Girona for a lazy breakfast on a Sunday morning?

There's so many good places for that! I'm a big fan of heading down to the old town, where'll you find a tonne of bars and restaurants. Some of them have great views of the river and the kind of terraces you want to spend all day on.

I've just broken up with my girlfriend and want a wild night out on the town with Dosem, I've heard Girona has a vibrant nightlife scene…where are we going?

We're going to go out for a nice meal in a local restaurant to kick things off. The food in Girona is incredible and the city is stuffed with good restaurants that offer a wide range of fare, using lots of local products and ingredients. After we've eaten, we're going to hang around in the old town. It's always busy of an evening and I'm sure we'll bump into friends new and old. We could have a drink on a terrace, nip into a small cool bar, or hit a club. Depends on how the breakup's affecting you! The following spots are all great: Sunset Jazz, Lola Cafè, L'Arc, Yeah, River Cafè, El Doll, Celtic, One, Jardins de la Mercè, Platea, Context… too many to mention!

What's your favourite record shop?

Some years ago I used to buy at a couple of record shops in the old town. But in the present day I buy all my music online.

I'm really thirsty and want to skive off work. Where's the best place for a mid-afternoon cocktail?

I'm usually working in the studio during the afternoon, but there are many good places for a nice coffee break or afternoon snack around La Rambla de la Llibertat, Plaça del Vi, Carrer Ciutadans, Plaça Catalunya…


What's your exact favourite part of Girona?

Really hard to decide on just one. I'm in love with Girona… the Old Town is just fantastic. The Walls of Girona and the Cathedral are two essential things to visit if you come to my city. But there are other places like El Parc de la Devesa where you can go for a run during a nice sunset, very inspirational.

If you're in Amsterdam for ADE next week you can catch Dosem at a few parties including the Suara label night at Panama on the 16th of October. He's also recently started a record label called Houstrike. Check it out here.

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