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Caribou Told Conservative Talk Show Host Rush Limbaugh to "Fuck Off"

He does not want the conservative talk show host playing his music on his show.
Photo by Thomas Neukum

Canadian-born, London-based musician Dan Snaith aka Caribou called conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh a "bigot" on Twitter last Thursday, and asked him to stop using his music on "The Rush Limbaugh Show." Snaith's comments were made in response to Limbaugh's use of his 2014 song "Can't Do Without You" in a broadcast that same day, which he called it his "new favorite song of all time right now, folks."


Limbaugh originally found the "techno song" by Shazaming a scene in the Viola Davis-starring show How to Get Away with Murder, according to a transcript of the show. "I've been grooving to it in every free moment that I have," he said, also announcing plans to add it to the regular rotation of music played on the show as transition music between segments. "Whoever wrote this song was really missing the babe, because that's it, for six minutes, 'Can't do without you,' by a group called Caribou," he added.

Dear — Caribou (@caribouband)October 20, 2016

The song was on Snaith's album Our Love, which was a nominated for Best Dance/Electronic Album at the 2016 Grammys.

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