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r/futurebeats Mix Series Vol. 1

In this mix series, DJ Spills traverses the archives of r/futurebeats and brings us the best tracks going up right now.

Spills is a producer who's deeply involved in the Reddit community r/futurebeats, a constantly updated archive of some of the best tracks and remixes coming out of the global beat scene. In this mix series, Spills traverses the archive and brings us the best tracks on r/futurebeats right now.

Track list

Clams Casino - "Swervin'" (remix) [XV]

A Tribe Called Red - "Native Puppy Love"

A Tribe Called Red - "Look At This"


Tobacco - "Fucked Up Friends 11"

Trentem-lier - "Always Something Better" [The Last Resort]

Munchi - "Shottas" (A Tribe Called Red SocaCore remix)

Tobacco - "Motorlicker"

Michael Jukeson - "Bound, Torn"

Baths - "Miasma Sky"

Jacques Greene - "Quicksand"

Beck - "Broken Drum" (Boards of Canada Remix)

Flying Lotus - "Between Friends" Ft. Earl Sweatshirt & Captain Murphy

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