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What Would Toronto’s Mayoral Candidates Do for Its Music Scene?

The future of the city’s nightlife and music culture lies in the hands of one of them.
October 23, 2014, 11:26pm

Toronto is finally gearing up to vote on its next mayor, and we have two simple requests: that they be open to electronic music culture and that they be more or less crack cocaine-free. Since Rob Ford's government already tried to ban dance events on public grounds, we decided to press this year's candidates on their platforms to improve the experiences of our city's musicians and music lovers. After conversations with industry members, club owners, artists, and a variety of other influential members of the electronic music community, we came up with four key talking points: extending liquor licenses, dealing with noise complaints, reaction to drug-related deaths, and global positioning in the music industry. Of the three candidates that we contacted for comment only Olivia Chow responded, so we gathered information for John Tory and Doug Ford from their responses in various media outlets to infer their positions.


The 2014 Toronto mayoral election will take place on October 27.