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In the New Video from Jean-Michel Jarre and M83, Everybody Wants First Place

"Glory," the collaboration between the legendary French producer and his sonic scion is a beautiful battlefield.
June 23, 2015, 9:13pm

Imagine how it must be crazy to hear a crowd of hundreds or thousands of people shouting for joy because they saw you do something sensational. For those of us who are not gifted athletes, Jean-Michel Jarre and M83 give you a taste of that experience in the video for their new collaboration, "Glory."

In it, several athletes (who happen to be beautiful, by the way) show their skills in a series of disciplines—running, ballet, archery, and wrestling—inside a futuristic, quasi-dystopian athletics stadium under the watchful eyes of a crowd of people all wearing binoculars. The mission here is survival, as the losers (or shall we say non-winners) don't meet a great fate.

Clad in black and white, perhaps it's a commentary on the health goth movement? Maybe it's a commentary on our capitalist society? Maybe it just looks cool?

"Glory" is taken from Jarre's forthcoming solo album, his first since 2007.

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