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Is Uppermost the Next Big Thing in French Electronic Music?

This kid is about to graduate from the crowded minor league of his nation's many producers, to the big leagues.

With the release of his New Moon EP, Paris-based artist Uppermost (real name: Behdad Nejabakhshe), may have just cemented his place as one of the French electronic music industry's finest young exports. The first single from the EP, "Disco Kids" packs the punch to prove it.

On the forthcoming EP, Nejabakhshe's first piece of new music since April of 2014, the artist presents a sound that subtly pulls from his nation's musical godfathers like Daft Punk, while nodding to some of the country's younger luminaries, like Madeon, and even American talents like Porter Robinson. On "Disco Kids," an upbeat, synth-driven slice of French house, Uppermost presents a sound that's pulling influence from all the right places. Still, this set puts him firmly in the spotlight as an artist in command of his own sound.


Prior to the unveiling of his new single to coincide with the release of New Moon on his own UPPWIND label, Uppermost has found internet acclaim dating back to the year 2012 with tracks like "Flashback" and "Beautiful Light," which both took off running on platforms like YouTube and Spotify, with plays/streams in the millions.

"Disco Kids" looks to be a promising next step for the young producer, and along with the upcoming full release of his new EP, it should help propel Nejabakhshe from the crowded minor league of ambitious Euro producers, to the starting line up of the global A-team.

New Moon drops May 25 on UPPWIND Records.

Uppermost is on Facebook // SoundCloud // Twitter