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Watch Maceo Plex Attempt to Break the World Record for Most DJ Sets in 24 Hours

His journey took him from cliffs to beaches to "super underground" venues.
Screenshot via YouTube

In July, Maceo Plex (aka Eric Estornel) played 10 different DJ sets within 24 hours across the island of Ibiza as part of his Mosaic by Maceo residency. The sets were also an attempt to break the world record for the largest number of DJ sets performed within a 24-hour time span. Now, video of Estornel's attempt has been released.

Throughout the five-minute video, Estornel recalls why he attempted the record, his experiences at a number of different locations, and what he hopes to gain from the experience.

Macao Plex's journey took him from cliff sides to beaches to "super underground" venues seemingly in the middle of nowhere. "Es Vedra was emotional, because something about that big rock and the view was incredible," Estornel said in the video about the second location on his journey. Throughout his attempt, he tried to play music that characterized each spot. "I did my best to capture the places that I was at, but I feel like I can learn a lot more from the island," he said.

He also said the world record was a chance to connect with the people and the music of the island. "In my immediate future, as well as in the distant future, I want to do more things that kind break me out of the formula, day-to-day, music-making type of routine," Estornel said.

Watch the video below.