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What We Know About the First Electronic Music Awards

Little known facts beyond that Paul Oakenfold will be an executive producer

The Fox TV network announced today that it will broadcast the Electronic Music Awards, the first award ceremony devoted entirely to electronic music. In regards to recent row about the whopping lack of diversity in the Oscars that has even rankled Obama, and in lieu of recent complaints about the dearth of minorities and women in DJ and producer award categories and lists, these new awards have an opportunity to provide a forum for more diversity in accolades available to electronic artists. For now, however, the announcement only comes with a trailer that suggests that this will be the first award ceremony to include a safety barrier and a dance pit. Here's what we know so far about the EMAs:


The EMAs will take place and be taped on Thursday, April 14, a full week before they will air on the Fox network on Saturday, April 23, at 8pm PST. The ceremony will be held at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, the same location as the upcoming Academy Awards (currently embroiled in a national diversity debate over this year's all-white nomination list). Veteran DJ, Paul Oakenfold, has signed on as executive producer, along with TV4 Entertainment's (Motorland, Soccer TV) Paul Duddridge and Jon Cody. The ceremony will be directed by Russell Thomas, who also directed Coldplay's Live 2003 documentary.

Voting will begin on February 15 for categories that include: Album of the Year, Single of the Year, DJ of the Year, Radio Show of the Year, People's Choice Award, Lifetime Achievement Award, and Best New Artist. Categories will also include two non-artist awards: Club of the Year, and Festival of the Year. There will be a red carpet opening and the awards themselves will span an hour.

Until we find out more, watch the trailer below for a sample of what to expect.