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Get to Know the DJs Leading Italy's Underground Electronic Scene

NOISEY Italy went to Torino's beloved C2C festival to catch up with the people bringing gritty analog sounds to the masses.

In addition to hosting club nights all around the country, Italian concert promoters Club to Club have been throwing a three-day festival in their home city of Torino every year. Last November, C2C—as the event is called—celebrated its 16th year running. In addition to featuring buzzy headliners like Thom Yorke and Jamie XX, the fest spotlighted some of the brightest names in the Italy's tight-knit electronic underground, many of whom are featured in the above documentary, C2C: The Italian New Wave.


Produced by NOISEY Italy, the film provides an intimate look into this beloved local festival, as well as hard-working local producers like Lorenzo Senni, Shapednoise, Vaghe Stelle, and labels like Gang of Ducks, who all performed at last year's edition. While many of those interviewed agree that Italy's electronic scene has long been a fragmented one, it's clear these artists share some pretty serious local pride—along with a deep passion for gritty analog techno that bangs right into the morning hours, of course.