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Take a Trip to Paradise With This New Video From BT

Sunsets, sea turtles and trance. What more could you need?
March 10, 2014, 10:25pm

Most house and techno music videos we come across are usually based around some sort of dark trippy imagery, dystopian symbolism or the occasional additions of in-the-club sweat sessions. But when it comes to the blissful euphoria of trance music, all that other stuff wouldn't really make much sense would it?

This video here from trance boss BT, features his super-charged anthem with JES & Fractal, "Letting Go," and epitomizes the beautiful nature of the genre—especially with it's use of lush tropical landscapes and a bunch of cute looking sea turtles. After watching this thing, and doing some PLUR circles in the office, we mainly just want to start booking our next vacation to the Tidal Pacific where he entire video was filmed. Who's coming with us?

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