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Awww, Look at This Tiny Super Nintendo

YouTuber details how he made tiny SNES emulator with clay, a Raspberry Pi computer, and other assorted materials.

Back in July Nintendo announced it was making a small version of its Nintendo Entertainment System containing 30 games from the 1980s. It was ridiculously cute, the games were good, and it took up only a tiny bit of space while still shouting out your appreciation for the classics.

But YouTuber Hugo "lyberty5" Dorison apparently decided to go one better. A recent video shows him making a workable tiny emulator of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System using only a tiny Raspberry Pi Zero computer, a USB hub, and some clay. It's so small that it takes up less room than one of the controllers for the original system.

It's impressive enough in its final form, but the video above details how much work Dorison put into it. He acknowledges that his work could have been finished much faster with a 3D printer, but it's so much more satisfying to watch him carve out edges with a rotary tool and sculpt the SNES's familiar outlines with brushes and awls. Finally, he uses it to play a couple of games on the screen in front of him.

Dorison makes cool stuff like this fairly often, and he details the results on his YouTube channel and his "Rated-E Mods" Facebook page. Some of his best stuff showcases some real creativity, such as a pair of Bluetooth headphones he made last year using an old SNES game controller. He placed the directional pad on ear and the four colored gameplay button on the other, and by pressing either he could control what was being played on the Music app on his iPhone.