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This Guy Went Deaf After Eating the “World’s Hottest” Noodles

Berlin-based food blogger Ben Sumadiwiria ate a plate of so-called “Death Noodles” with a 20 million Scoville rating at a restaurant in Jakarta. Spoiler: it didn’t end well.

"This is the worst feeling you'll ever have in your life."

Not exactly what you want to hear after eating out at a restaurant on holiday.

But those were the words uttered by Berlin-based food vlogger Ben Sumadiwiria in a video posted to his YouTube channel, which shows him demolishing a plate of noodles while on a trip to Jakarta.

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And it wasn't food poisoning that sparked his sweaty tirade.

The noodle dish Sumadiwiria is seen eating in the video is nicknamed "Death Noodles," so-called for the amount of bird's eye chilies that go into making it—100 to be exact.

Because of the sheer amount of chilies that go into making it, the Death Noodles dish racks up 20 million on the Scoville scale, used for measuring spicy heat. In comparison, the Carolina Reaper, which is the world's hottest chili, clocks in at just 2.2 million on the scale.

Sumadiwiria's motive for subjecting himself to the wrath of the Death Noodles is unexplained (perhaps he's locked in some sort of vlogging war with the guy who vaped a Carolina Reaper?), but unsurprisingly, it didn't end well.

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Aside from the cursing and the sweating, Sumadiwiria claims that he went temporarily deaf for two minutes after eating the noodles. Putting his head under running cold water and drinking a milkshake didn't help matters much, either.

Definitely not one to try at home, kids.