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Wake and Bake with These Weed-Infused Coffee Pods

Each single-use K-cup not only has enough weed to make “Black Beatles” make sense, but each pod is also 100% compostable.
Photo via Flickr user Greg Grossmeier

If you're the kind of person whose daily to-do list starts with 1) Wake and 2) Bake, it just got easier—and more sustainable. BrewBudz, a San Diego-based edibles company, has announced its new line of cannabis-infused coffee, tea, and hot cocoa pods. Each single-use K-cup not only has enough weed to make "Black Beatles" make sense, but each pod is also 100% compostable.

According to Westword, BrewBudz isn't just about full-strength or decaf coffee; its pods also vary in the strength of the weed inside them. There is a recreational pod with 10 mg of THC, while medical users can start their day with a cup containing between 25 to 50 milligrams of CBD. (For those who don't frequent a dispensary regularly, CBD or Cannabidiol, is a less-psychoactive cannabis compound than THC and is the compound largely responsible for marijuana's medicinal properties).

"It's an opportunity to bring together two different rituals in life," BrewBudz Vice President Jeffry Paul told Westword. "Drinking coffee or tea is something that's part of your every day […] There's also a ritual for marijuana, whether it's medicinal or recreational."

The pods themselves are what the company describes as "the world's only compostable mesh of its kind." Each Keurig-compatible cup is actually made from the discarded skins of roasted coffee beans and other compostable materials. The pods can break down in five weeks, the company says, if you'd like to throw them on your own backyard compost pile.

BrewBudz isn't the only cannabis-related coffee out there: a coffee roaster in Los Angeles will serve you a cup of his weed-infused brew–but there's actually no THC inside it. And if you grow your own—or have a prescription—it's pretty easy to make your own Bulletproof-style coffee with just one gram of the sticky icky. But BrewBudz serves environmentally friendly convenience, with no oils, stirring, or weed butter required.

It will reportedly be available in six states by April 17, including Nevada, Colorado, California, Washington, Oregon and Arizona. Brewbudz says that this initial launch will be followed by availability in another 12 to 18 states. Each pod has an estimated price point of $7, but can you really put a price on that kind of morning wakeup?