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Chef's Night Out: Brandon Jew

Brandon Jew is giving Chinese-American food a voice in San Francisco.

Brandon Jew has probably been on more episodes of Chef's Night Out than any other chef, but this time it's even more exciting because he just opened the restaurant of his dreams—Mister Jiu's in San Francisco's Chinatown. Mister Jiu's, which is as delicious as it is beautiful, is a Chinese American restaurant pushing the idea of what Chinese food is while giving it a voice.

Since Brandon opened his restaurant just two months ago, he was a little nervous to leave the pass, but made an exception for Chef's Night Out. With his wife, sous chef, and good friend Tony, Brandon went to Alfred's SF for cocktails and oysters Rockefeller, then headed to Lord Stanley for onion petals, salmon, and small bites, and finally ended the night at Louie's Gen-Gen Room for more cocktails and a savoury waffle.

Finally the whole crew headed back to Mister Jiu's for an epic late night meal inspired by Brandon's McDonald's visits as a child. The crowd went wild for the fried fish sandwiches and sweet and sour chicken served on steamed baos.

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