Step Up Your Pasta Bolognese with This Lamb and Spinach Garganelli
Photo by Farideh Sadeghin


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Step Up Your Pasta Bolognese with This Lamb and Spinach Garganelli

A little lamb-on-lamb action courtesy of Gabe Thompson at L'Apacio.
Photo by Farideh Sadeghin

When Tien Ho, the Momofuku alum and current global VP of culinary and hospitality at Whole Foods Market, went on a late-night tear through New York City back in 2015, his first stop was a barrage of modern Italian food at L'Apicio in the East Village.

The highlight of that meal, according to Tien, were these little green tubes of joy, covered in a velvety layer of lamb-on-lamb action.

RECIPE: Spinach Garganelli with Lamb Bolognese

During the filming of that episode of Chef's Night Out, Gabe Thompson, co-owner and chef at L'Apicio, gave us a crash course on how to properly whip up this comforting dish, or any pasta for that matter.

"Pasta and sauce are supposed to be like salad dressing basically, so you want enough to coat the noodle," Thompson told us, before shovelling on heaps of sheep's cheese—the ideal pairing for a lamb-based sauce. "I like to finish it with pecorino."

Pecorino is Parmigiano Reggiano's funkier, more affordable little brother, so don't hold on back when it comes time to garnish; the flavorful sauce and noodles can handle it.

The bolognese is a cinch to make and a single batch will get you through the longest and dreariest of winter work weeks.