Chef's Night Out: Kadeau

October 17, 2016, 3:48pm

What's the ideal way to get from the island of Bornholm—in the Baltic Sea—to Copenhagen? Answer: By jumping in a big van with four chefs who are armed with a crate of natural wine and a lunchbox full of smoked herring. Then, you make an akvavit-fueled pitstop in an idyllic forest setting before ending up on stage at Copenhagen's biggest street rave.

We never imagined that a Chef's Night Out with the crew from restaurant Kadeau would be dull, but nothing quite prepared us for this whirlwind of culinary escapades.

It all kicks off early in the day on Bornholm, where head chef Nicolai Nørregaard makes us a dish of wood ants and hay-roasted celeriac. His two friends and business partners, Rasmus and Magnus, drag him out of the kitchen to begin their epic night (and day) on the town.

At the restaurant Christianshøjkroen, the threesome enjoy a fountain of homemade schnapps before heading over to Svaneke smokehouse and stocking up on smoked herring, which they turn into a Danish open-faced sandwich classic once they get onboard the ferry back to the mainland.

After arriving in Copenhagen, they have a quick snack at restaurant Pony, before going on stage at Copenhagen's annual street party Distortion, where the trio gets busy with techno, shots, and awkward dance moves.

After surviving all this, it only seems fair that there's brisket waiting in the oven when they get back to their outpost of Kadeau in Copenhagen. Nicolai makes sliders, using his bare hands to rustle up a big batch of coleslaw, and creates the most luxurious stuffed baked potatoes. It's 24 hours of gastronomic island-hopping which we will never forget.