More Than 50 People Got Alcohol Poisoning at a Snoop Dogg Concert

Drunk people started dropping like flies, and 11 of them had to be taken to nearby hospitals including, presumably, one man who collapsed face-first and broke his nose.
August 10, 2016, 10:00pm
Photo via Flickr user Super 45

Snoop Dogg is currently on tour with Wiz Khalifa, but instead of the customary green haze he's known for being shrouded in, he's leaving a wake of destruction and hangovers behind him in New York and New Jersey.

On Friday, a barrier collapsed at Snoop's show in Camden, New Jersey, injuring 42 people, some seriously. But that was just a warm-up for Tuesday's show in New York, when the crowd was so drunk that 50 people were removed from the venue with alcohol poisoning, and one severely wasted guy collapsed and broke his nose.

Snoop may be known for his preference for gin, but vodka was the drink of choice at Nikon Jones Beach Amphitheater Tuesday night, where teenagers were chugging the clear stuff from water bottles in the bathroom, according to Page Six. Others had pregamed heavily in the parking lot.

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In the longstanding tradition of being overly eager and not knowing their limits, three drunk teenagers were already so out of it within 20 minutes of the concert starting that they had to be removed by police. At that point, police shut down the restrooms and moved the crowd inside, but it was too late. Drunk people started dropping like flies, and 11 of them had to be taken to nearby hospitals including, presumably, the guy who landed face-first. The rest of the young attendees who didn't earn a stomach pump were picked up by their parents—so embarrassing. Mom's never going to let us go to a rap concert again!

In case you were wondering, there were also four arrests for weed, so people haven't forgotten that Snoop is first and foremost a weed dude.

In other recent Snoop news, the official word just got out this week that he's teaming up with Martha Stewart to launch a reality cooking show called Martha and Snoop's Dinner Party. Snoop said of the collaboration, "My homegirl Martha and I have a special bond that goes back. We're gonna be cooking, drinking, and having a good time with our exclusive friends. Can't wait for you to see how we roll together!"

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Martha and Snoop have previously teamed up to make mashed potatoes before and participated in several television specials together. They also made holiday brownies on Martha's Christmas Cookie Show.

Maybe they'll spice things up by adding some ganja to the baked goods on their new show, or making a garden-party-friendly version of gin and juice. Unlike the kids at Snoop's New York show, we know that both the queen of hospitality and the king of gangster rap know how to handle their liquor.